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Festroia 2009 Golden Dolphin Competition

Written by: FFT Webmaster | September 6th, 2009

The Golden Dolphin Competition at the 25th edition of FESTROIA, the oldest and most prestigious film event in Portugal, is reserved for films from countries whose yearly output does not exceed 30 films. That gives worthy films from somewhat smaller film industries a chance to shine and not be overshadowed by films from larger film-producing countries. Smaller is definitely more beautiful in Setubal, the beautiful sun-bathed resort town where the Festival is held.

 Image from MAMMOTH

European films dominate the Official Section competition:

  • BROKEN PROMISE (Jiri Chlumsky, Czech Republic)
  • FORBIDDEN FRUIT (Dome Karuskoki, Finlând)
  • KATIA’S SISTER  (Mijke de Jong, The Netherlands)
  • MAMMOTH (Lukas Moodysson, Sweden/Denmark)
  • OUT OF THE BLUE (Igal Bursztyn, Israel)
  • GUARD NUMBER 47 (Filip Renc, Checnya)
  • TERRIBLY HAPPY (Henrik R. Genz, Denmark)
  • THE EXCHANGE (N. Margineanu, Romania)
  • THE RAINBOW TROOPS (Riri Riza, Indonesia)
  • THE REASON WHY  (Harald Sicheritz, Áustria)
  • THE WORLD IS BIG AND SALVATION LURKS AROUND THE CORNER    (Stefan Komandarev, Bulgaria/Hungary/Slovenia)
  • WHITE NIGHT WEDDING (Baltasar Kormakur, Iceland)
  • THE STORM IN MY HEART (Pal Jackman, Norway)

More information on this diverting and diverse group of films in later postings as FESTROIA 2009 lifts off at a Gala Opening Night this evening and continues for the next 10 days.


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