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Interview with Franky G and Frances Lozada for “A Cry Within”

Written by: FFT Webmaster | June 15th, 2010

Franky G and Frances Lozada, a husband and wife team co-directs a controverial short film called  “A Cry Within” screened at the Soho International Film Festival NYC 2010 and at the SAG Foundation screening in NYC

Frances Lozada and Franky G.

Luis Pedron:  After Soho International Film Festival NYC 2010 , what were the feedback you got from your film?

Frances Lozada:  We got that it was intense and good for us to take that challenge to have done such a project with a sensitive subject that needed to be touched upon.

Franky G: We got great feedback. They felt the pain that each character was going through. Even though we had very little dialogue.

Luis Pedron:  How did you enjoy being at the Soho International Film Festival NYC 2010?

Frances Lozada:  We really enjoyed it.  It was more than what we expected and it was well put together. 

Franky G: I think it was great. We met a lot of good up and coming filmmakers.

Luis Pedron: How did you promote your film at the Soho International Film Festival NYC 2010?

Frances Lozada:  We basically told our friends and family about it.

Franky G: Family, friends, email.

Luis Pedron: Talk about your submission process through ?

Frances Lozada:  At first it was pretty intimidating, but once you registered, the site guided you along.  It took some time to enter all info but once you did, you did not have to do it again for every time you submit to a festival.

Franky G: Well at first it was diffcult, but once you start to do it, it  got easier.

Luis Pedron: How was networking at the Soho International Film Festival NYC 2010?

Frances Lozada:  It was great.  Soho International Film Festival NYC 2010 encouraged us (the featured filmmakers)  to create our promos/trailers promoting our screening at the fest. The promos ( and on ) that we did helped us quickly identify each other.  So we just walked up to each other and said hello.

Franky G: It was great. We met a lot of good filmmakers. Hopefully we’ll get to work with each other some day.

Luis Pedron:  What did you learn from the Soho International Film Festival NYC 2010?

Frances Lozada: It’s all about marketing yourself and your film.

Franky G: It’s a great place to show your films and network. And next year the Soho International Film Festival NYC 2010 is going to be bigger and better.

Luis Pedron: What other screening have you had for ” A Cry Within ” ?

Frances Lozada: A member of the SAG foundation in NYC came to see ‘ A Cry Within’ at the Soho International Film Festival NYC 2010 and recommended it to be submitted to be screened at the SAG Foundation in NYC and it was screened and well received there as well.  You can hear a pin drop when it was screened.  Good audience response as well as a whole.

Franky G: We got great feed back also at the SAG showcase. There were people in the  audience that could relate to the film. 

Luis Pedron: Please talk about your next projects?

Frances Lozada:As actors and now filmmakers we will always be working on something artistically.  It’s our craft. It’s our life.  We have several things going on so we have to see which one we will really focus on for now.

Franky G: Well, I just finish my first script and I plan on making some more short films or maybe go on to make a feature.

Luis Pedron:  How was your experience collaborating as a husband and wife team?

Frances Lozada: One would think it would be difficult, for us it is easier because we work the same way.  We both have a good eye and sense for things.  We direct each other and go with what works and feels natural.  We couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

Franky G: It was great. Two artistic minds working together and bring out the best of one an other.

Luis Pedron:  How was it to tackle a very important and controversial topic (without giving out the ending of your film)?

Frances Lozada:It was challenging to say the least, but we were up for it.  We wanted to put ourselves in those shoes and see if we could capture their pain and I think we did.  It was a great and touching experience for us as well.

Franky G: Well, at first when Fran approached me with the idea I was a little hesitant. But then I thought that are people that go through this eveyday and it needs to be addressed.

Luis Pedron:  Who are your influences as filmmaker and why?

Frances Lozada:We look at many different filmmakers and get a little bit of something from each one.  From all the movies that we see, so many different things inspire us. 

Franky G: There wasn’t anyone who influenced me. I just wanted to try doing my own thing and see where it goes. Because in this business the parts you want to do you don’t get and this business you get typecast easly that you have to create your own.

Luis Pedron:  What do you think of independent filmmaking? Where do you think it is going?

Frances Lozada: Independent filmmaking is getting bigger and more creative.  Due to the lack of funds, it helps us with the challenge of putting good things together with the limited funds and resources that we have. 

Franky G: Indie filmmaking is great because there are limitless stories that one could make.

Luis Pedron: Do you believe in self distribution of your film and why?

Frances Lozada: It’s definitely an option.  The whole process is not easy but we have to take a hold of our projects and see that they go somewhere.  We have to build up that hype so that everyone else will follow along.

Franky G: To a certain degree. Because we can do it our self, but if we can’t then we hope to get a distributor.

Luis Pedron: What are your suggestions and advice to future filmmakers?

Frances Lozada: Future filmmakers should continue to think outside the box and do what inspires them.  That inspiration will fill their projects with passion and that is what we like to see as an audience.

Franky G: When you are making an indie film get people who will be there for you and trust. There are times when you have people working for you one day and then the next time – they are not.

Luis Pedron: What is next for Franky G and Frances Lozada as filmmakers?

Frances Lozada: We, at the end of the day are still actors and so we are always looking for our next project to work with a new director.  But as we wait for that, we can always work on our own project.

Franky G: Maybe a couple of more shorts that make a difference. And take a vacation… Maybe. lol

Luis Pedron: Thank you very much guys and congratulations!

“A Cry Within”  Website


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