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Winter Vacation Tops Locarno Film Festival Awards

Written by: FFT Webmaster | August 17th, 2010

The Chinese film WINTER VACATION (Han Jia) has won the top prize, the Pardo d’oro/Golden Leopard for its director Li Hongqi at the Locarno Film Festival, which ended its 63rd edition on August 15. The award includes a 90,000 CHF cash prize. The film also won the FIPRESCI International Critics Prize, shared with fellow Chinese production KAMARAY by Xu Xin, which received a special mention.


WINTER’S VACATION centers on four idle, aimless adolescents who gather at the home of one of their group, hoping to enjoy their last day of holiday. Not much happens, as the character laze around and discuss love, school and politics, creating an interesting portrait of the young go-getters who are revolutionizing the values and societal norms of the booming Chinese state.

European and Canadian films were among the other top winners at the awards ceremony held on Saturday evening, August 14.  MORGEN, a French/Romanian/Hungarian co-production by director Marian Crisan received a Special Jury Prize. French Canadian director Denis Côté was named Best Director for his film CURLING. In other prizes, Quebec actor Emmanuel Bilodeau received the Best Actor award for his role in CURLING, with Serbian actress Jasna Duricic winning Best Actress honors for the Serbian/German/Swedish co-production WHITE WHITE WORLD (Beli Beli Svet) by director Oleg Novkovic. FOREIGN PARTS, a French/US co-production by co-directors Verena Paravel and JP Sniadecki won the Best First Feature prize for FOREIGN PARTS, with Argentine director Kitao Sakurai winning a special mention for the film AARDVARK. Look for these films to be prominent on the Fall film festival calendar.


Golden Leopard: International Competition
“An Jia” (Winter Vacation) by LI Hongqi, China

Special Jury Prize
“Morgen” by Marian Crisan, France/Romania/Hungary

Best Director
Denis Côté for “Curling,” Canada

Leopard for Best Actress
Jasna Duricic in “Beli Beli Svet” (White White World) by Oleg Novkovic, Serbia/Germany/Sweden

Leopard for Best Actor
Emmanuel Bilodeau in “Curling” by Denis Côté, Canada

Golden Leopard: Filmmakers of the Present Competition

“Paraboles” by Emmanuelle Demoris, France

Special CINÉ CINÉMA Jury Prize
“Foreign Parts” by Verena Paravel and JP Sniadecki, USA/France

Leopard for the Best First Feature
“Foreign Parts” by Verena Paravel and JP Sniadecki, USA/France

Prix du Public UBS
“The Human Resources Manager” by Eran Riklis, Israel/Germany/France

Variety Piazza Grande Award
“Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale” by Jalmari Helander, Finnland/Norway/France/Sweden

“Han Jia” (Winter Vacation) by LI Hongqi, China


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