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World Documentaries Centerpiece Showcase at 2010 Soho International Film Festival

Written by: FFT Webmaster | February 22nd, 2010

SOHO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - NYCInaugural Soho International Film Festival showcases three powerful world documentaries as centerpiece

New York City, NY – (2/19/2010) – The inaugural 2010 SoHo International Film Festival – presented by Made In New York and the Office of New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, showcased three feature length documentaries in their centerpiece programs.

Commencing with Program 6, the USA/Indonesian co-production of “Guerrilla Midwife” by director Beja Bernhardt follows Ibu Robin Lim into the trenches of her work. From Bali, where hemorrhage after childbirth is a leading cause of death, into the Tsunami disaster zone in Aceh, where her battle is fought with only one weapon, love. In this culturally mesmerizing, heart-wrenching documentary, you will discover why we must reinvent our protocols for pregnancy and childbirth in order to preserve our Planet’s Humanity.  Short film, “Lost Brother” (USA) by director Roberto Lopez opened.

Director Jeremy Taylor followed with Program 7’s, “Burma: An Indictment” a Burma/USA coproduction.  Murder, rape and slavery are part of the daily routine for the Burmese people. The documentary shows the inhumane conditions the gentle Burmese people suffer every day and the few families who can, snake their way across the Thai border to receive the most basic health care. Live through the experiences of a man who was kept in solitary confinement for fifteen years and learn from the monks, now in exile, who started the “Saffron Revolution”.   Witness the squalor of the Thai refugee camp and view shocking footage of Cyclone Nargis victims. “BURMA: AN INDICTMENT” exposes a wealthy country whose people are starving in the streets helpless at the hands of a brutal military dictatorship. Short film “Rapunzel” (Turkey) by director Tolga Karacelik opened.

The evening concluded with director Gary Null’s “Austism: Made In The USA” (Program 8).  Null, a renowned American talk radio host and author on alternative and complementary medicine and nutrition investigates Autism, what it is and why is it on the rise. In this feature length documentary presentation, Null’s quest is to reveal the true causes and promising solutions for the recent dramatic increase in autism in our children. Is autism related to environmental factors? Could it be caused by mercury, aluminum, viruses, or other toxins contained in the 40-odd vaccines that every American child must receive? What are other environmental or genetic factors which could be contributing to the epidemic increase in childhood autism?  Short film “Big League Chew” (USA) by director David Lombroso opened.


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