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Film Review: “P!nk: All I Know So Far” Delivers Fun, Candor and Some Great Music

Written by: Robin C. Farrell | May 20th, 2021

Film poster: “P!nk: All I Know So Far”

P!nk: All I Know So Far (Michael Gracey, 2021) 3½ out of 4 stars.

While P!nk: All I Know So Far might not fall into the hard-hitting/extremely edgy category of pop-star documentary, its casual and candid nature is precisely what makes it compelling. This is an invitation to join P!nk and her family, while she and her band reach a particular milestone: playing Wembley Stadium. It’s exactly what it advertises itself to be, in the best sense.

The emphasis here is primarily on P!nk’s life off-stage and the journey to Wembley. She shares her influences and inspirations, footage and photos from throughout her career and personal life. For anyone unfamiliar with P!nk as a recording artist and, more specifically, as a live-entertainment performer, the biggest surprise will most likely be the physical extremes to which she goes. She claims at one point, “I sing better upside down,” for which we see undeniable evidence, however bewildering.

P!nk stars in P!NK: ALL I KNOW SO FAR
Photo: Andrew Macpherson
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Every time a section lingers for an extended period on intimate family life, familiarizing us with the down-to-earth and relatable Alecia (P!nk’s birth name), the film pivots back to mid-tour footage, emphatically reminding you of P!nk’s star power. This goes both ways, too. The more in-depth sequences from the live shows get you caught up in high-octane concert energy, particularly when she vaults into the air via harness to fly around the stadium, followed by an abrupt, but not jarring, return to reality. For example, we watch one of her most powerful numbers, requiring a tremendous amount of choreography, followed by her playing with Jameson, her two-year-old, performing various acrobatics/stunts at his request. We also see her dance off stage after an amazing number and walk directly over to embrace her family.

How she finds the required energy is astounding, but it’s real. P!nk’s devotion as a parent and the visible delight she takes in her music is absolutely transparent. That is the core of what drives her and, thus, this documentary. She struggles, of course, but it’s that sense of fun and commitment, no matter the odds, that carries her through. When she overcomes the hurdles, the technical and logistical troubles of the tour (choreography, wardrobe, etc.) and resolves conflict with her two children, watching the resolution play out is all the more rewarding. And she shares her joy with both of her families; her husband and children along with her band and crew.

P!nk and Jameson in P!NK: ALL I KNOW SO FAR
Photo: Andrew Macpherson
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Yet even though you see these two distinct sides of P!nk’s life, they aren’t mutually exclusive; they are entwined. Underneath it all, she’s still Alecia, and that through line permeates the entire film. The sincerity and consistency, the struggle to maintain balance and sacrifice as little as possible, is beautiful and well worth a watch. It may very well leave you eager to catch P!nk’s next live show (whenever that might be).


Robin C. Farrell is an editor, videographer, author, and nerd. Video production lead for Trail Grid Pro in Frederick, MD, she also competes in annual film races as part of Star Wipe Films. Farrell self-published her first book, Resistance Rising: A Genre Wars Novel,, and is the co-host and producer of Coffee & Contemplation, a Stranger Things podcast.

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