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Film Review: “Rammbock: Berlin Undead”

Written by: FFT Webmaster | July 6th, 2011

Michael (Michael Fuith) returns to Berlin to try to win back his ex-girlfriend Gabi (Anna Graczyk) who has unceremoniously dumped him by phone. He doesn’t have a clue why.

Michael finds her apartment empty except for a zombie plumber and the plumber’s apprentice, teenager Harper (Theo Trebs). Wandering around the empty apartment calling out for Gabi, the zombie virus strikes. Michael and Harper barricade themselves inside the apartment while the complex is overrun with zombies. Somehow, these non-communicative zombies – as well as all zombies in movies – have disrupted radio, TV, cell phone and Internet access. And, like U.S. zombies, German zombies make a mess.

I can’t wait for zombies to come to Las Vegas. I’m ready. I’ve seen all the zombie movies and the TV sensation “The Walking Dead”. I’ve read “Handling the Undead”. I know all the things NOT to do. But what would sophisticated Berliners do – who know a thing or two about invasions and occupation – if suddenly a worldwide virus starting turning people into zombies?

The problem with this zombie virus is that any physical contact causes infection. You do not need to be been attacked but just spit on. Don’t do anything that causes you to bleed.

Survival is not what is foremost on Michael’s mind. He wants to find Gabi and work things out! You’ve got to admire a man on a mission.

Director Marvin Kren’s fast-paced, slightly over 60 minutes film doesn’t bother with the U.S. standardized happy-go-lucky setup. We barely know Michael – but just by looking at him we know he’s an underachiever and a loser who doesn’t bother working out. We do not even meet Gabi until well into the zombification of Berlin. She’s been hiding in the attic with her new boyfriend. And when Michael does find them, his jealously overwhelms his self-survival instinct.

Damn the good-looking boyfriend Gabi has retreated to the attic with. Michael wants Gabi back. He saw an unattended boat from her window. All they have to do is get out of the city on foot without food or weapons.

Weapons? At least Harper uses his ingenuity to make a sling-shot out of forks. Michael risks his life leaving Gabi’s apartment to get his cell phone causing a huge bleeding gash in his arm.

I kept wondering how long it would take before Michael starts feeling homicidal.

To enjoy zombie movies one must “suspend belief” in reality. Why not just hold up and let the zombies eat everyone they can and then starve themselves? Why doesn’t the government send fighter planes to just bomb the zombie centers – like Saigon? Why do zombies run in packs?

I want writer Benjamin Hessler to do the sequel: Rammbock: Sweden Undead.

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