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“Sundowning” – A Must See! Reviewed at the Slamdance Film Festival 2012

Written by: FFT Webmaster | January 23rd, 2012

With the complexity of filmmaking nowadays with CGI, special FX and Non Linear filmmaking, I sometimes enjoy movies that are simple and not overly complicated.

I really enjoyed this beautiful feature film – “Sundowning” Dir: Frank Rinaldi, shot in Singapore, in 16 mm and successfully funded by 58 backers through Kickstarter (crowdfunding).

The film was mesmerizing not just because of the framing through meticoulously DP (Director of Photography) work of: Kiran Chitanvis but also the  direction of the two stunningly beautiful protagonists: Shannon Fitzpatrick and Susah Chau. Director Frank Rinaldi brought us to a voyeuristic “colorful” world of watching a seemingly routinely life of a patient and her caretaker. You are intrigued of their relationship and the dynamics of their silent and trance like existence. Then it unfolds to a shockingly provocative ending.

The film reminds me of Pedro Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In” as the film delicately unravels on screen, the  sexy but taboo relationship of the characters of Antonio Banderas and painfully beautiful Elena Anaya. I felt the same thing with being hypnotized with the beauty of the “Sundowning” heroines and wondering what will unfold eventually.

The framing of the film reminded me of the work of Korean director Hong Sang Soo (Women on the Beach, Tale of Cinema) where everything unfolds within a mastershot. I feel like watching a moving painting…beautiful, poetic…intriguing.

“Sundowning” at the (World Premiere screening) Slamdance Film Festival should be celebrated and talked about. It’s a celebration of a “Globally Collaborated” film that talks about life, science and what the future holds for us. It’s a hauntingly beautiful film, visceral, intelligent and  is certainly  “a must see!”

Hats off to Director Frank Rinaldi and the rest of the cast and crew!

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