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Film Review: “On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier” Explores Bigfoot and Beyond

Written by: Matt Patti | January 16th, 2023

Film poster: “On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier”

On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier (Seth Breedlove, 2022) 2½ out of 4 stars.

Seth Breedlove is a writer, director, and producer of several documentaries involving urban legends. He has covered subjects ranging from the Mothman to skinwalkers to the Bell Witch. Breedlove has produced and directed several films involving Bigfoot, as well, all donning the title On the Trail of Bigfoot. With On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier, Breedlove is at it once again, searching for clues and examining eyewitness accounts of Sasquatch encounters. His latest endeavor in his “Small Town Monsters” group of films, On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier, takes the search for the legendary creature to a location not often explored: Alaska.

In On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier, Breedlove and his team of researchers explore the largest state in the U.S. in search of answers to many local legends involving Sasquatches. In Alaska, conditions can be tough for wildlife. The documentary takes the time to explore if life is even feasible in certain areas of Alaska for a Bigfoot/Sasquatch to survive. The team then explores several different eyewitness accounts of firsthand encounters with the creature in different regions of the state. Local indigenous cultures and their connections to the mythical creature are also touched upon. Finally, physical evidence collected by locals is examined.

Still from ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT: LAST FRONTIER @Small Town Monsters

In the beginning of the documentary, viewers are treated to an enlightening overview about Alaska and its many different regions. Alaska is quite the unique spot for bigfoot hunting, with its very remote, harsh environment and often untouched wilderness. The commentary provided by the team and locals alike about the state are quite compelling. The geography lesson is intriguing, as well. The shots that the filmmakers are able to achieve of the Alaskan wilderness are absolutely stunning, showing off the beauty and mystery of the land.

After we get up to speed on Alaska, the doc dives into several firsthand accounts of folks who have seen a Bigfoot with their own eyes. The stories are fascinating, but I do wish that the filmmakers would have taken the opportunity to accompany these stories with reenactments or animation for support. Unfortunately, they do not, and the audience is stuck watching a talking head with a still image thrown in every now and then. The rare visualizations we do get are not all that impressive, with the Bigfoot pictured looking more like a gorilla than how one would typically see a Sasquatch portrayed. Still, the stories keep interest, especially those that also involve tales of indigenous Alaskans and how they used to use Bigfoot as a warning to youngsters not to play in the woods at night.

Still from ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT: LAST FRONTIER @Small Town Monsters

Breedlove and his adventurous team end the film by examining a few pieces of specific evidence gathered by residents in Alaska. They also travel to sites where there have been reported sightings. They have several conversations with locals here, as well, and this is where the audience is made aware of the theory that there are actually different types of Sasquatches, something unknown to this writer. The explanations are interesting but are only very briefly touched on. Actual audio from reported encounters is also shared here, which adds an intriguing element to the talking-head interviews.

Overall, On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier is a unique Bigfoot movie that explores a region not often thought of when it comes to searching for the infamous creature. The doc focuses a great deal on the environment and scientific findings, which is a fresh take. However, I do believe that some monster mega-fans may be dissatisfied, especially with the lack of supporting visuals. The film takes on a very serious, research-heavy tone, unlike many docs covering the same topic that are more fun and try to create an ominous, creepy vibe. So, if you’re looking for a scary documentary to freak you (or someone else) out and leave you in fear of what may be in the woods, this won’t be it. However, if you’re intrigued by research, facts, science, and real eyewitness accounts, and enjoy a unique doc unlike most you’ll find, I think you will enjoy On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier.

Still from ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT: LAST FRONTIER @Small Town Monsters

Matt Patti has enjoyed voicing his opinions on films from a young age. He has lived in the Baltimore, Maryland, area since 2015 and is a graduate of Stevenson University’s Film & Moving Image program. Matt is currently back at Stevenson University, working as the School of Design, Arts, and Communication's Studio Manager.

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