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Love Letter To Liv Ullman At Montreal World FF

Written by: FFT Webmaster | August 17th, 2012

One of cinema’s most compelling actresses, Swedish film star and international film icon Liv Ullmann will attend next week’s Montreal World Film Festival for the Canadian premiere of the film LIV AND INGMAR, which examines her intimate relationship as muse to legendary Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Ullman is being given the title of honorary President of the Festival. Montreal has honored her before with a special Grand Prize of the Americas in 1997 for her artistic contribution to the seventh art. Ullman made 9 classic films with her mentor and lover Ingmar Bergman, and eventually also became an award-winning writer and director of her own films. She has also directed on stage, including a performance by the Sydney Theater Company of the classic Tennessee Williams play A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE starring Cate Blanchett. She was nominated twice for the Oscar, for her role as a stoic immigrant in Jan Troell’s THE EMIGRANTS (1971) and for her dual role in FACE TO FACE (1976), her only Bergman performance to receive that honor. LIV AND INGMAR, directed by Indian filmmaker Dheeraj Akolkar, is an affectionate but truthful account of two intertwined lives that experienced the full spectrum of emotions together, survived through extraordinary times, and left us with enduring creations as proof of the passion of their relationship both on and off-screen. Told entirely from Liv Ullmann’s point of view through an interview, this biopic of an extraordinary relationship is constructed as a collage of images and sounds from the timeless Ullmann-Bergman films, behind-the-scenes footage, still photographs, passages from her book “Changing” and Ingmar’s personal letters to Liv.


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